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Nontutuzela Sekhutleleng

About the Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Nontutuzelo Siko Sekhutleleng was born in 1976 at a place called Jankempdorp in Valspan Located in the Northern Cape. She is the firstborn daughter of Pastor Amos Sizane Siko and of the late Doreen Siko. She got married at the age of 26 and unfortunately became a widow at the age of 40.

Nontutuzelo is A Mother of 3, an Author, a successful Entrepreneur and an Anointed Speaker that carries a great gift for the nations. She began work as a humble domestic worker and worked her way up to being a prosperous and established businesswoman, holding a Diploma in Human Resources.

She has successfully run a Transportation business since 2007. Challenging social, religious and cultural norms, her book – I stood as A Mother – takes the reader through the strength of womanhood as we get to read about her journey from childhood to being a widow.

Abused and rejected – Nontutuzelo stood as a mother from the death of her mother to the death of her husband. They say life begins at 40 and it is at the age of 40 that God has released her to the nations with proven character, this is the Deborah of our time.